Christian Counseling Discipleship, Ocean Springs, MS

Maureen De Jonge, MA, LPC

Why choose Real Hope Counseling Discipleship?

Each client at Real Hope is an active participant in the counseling discipleship process. The highest level of confidentiality is upheld, and each client is extended respect, compassion, and truth saturated with grace. My approach is based on a biblical, relational model. In the context of being genuinely cared for and truly "heard," as well as being given practical tools, clients are encouraged to grow in a rich, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ- our REAL Hope. In HIm, beautiful, lasting transformation really does happen! 

Meet the counselor-


I earned a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, a Master's degree in Counseling Ministries, passed the National Counseling Board Exam, and am a State of Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselor. I've been married to Mike (a retired Air Force pilot) for 38 years. We have parented 3 children, have 2 amazing grandchildren, and are navigating the joys of the "empty nest." Perhaps most importantly, I have encountered tough seasons in my own life and have experienced Real Hope first-hand. Although still in 

process myself, I'm passionate about being an instrument of Hope in the lives of others weathering the storms of life.

Office Location:

We've moved to beautiful, downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I'll be counseling at 1218 Harbor Road. To reach me, please use the gravel access road where Lafontaine, Clark Lane and Harbor Road meet.  The office is on the ground floor of the light blue house, at the end of the road. 

Lord willing, I'll officially begin to offer counseling services December 1st, 2019. Please feel free to contact me for specifics at 478.213.0256.